What Styles Of Windows Are Available On The Market?

If you are building a new home, one of the essential features of your home is the windows. Windows are one of the most visible features of a house and need to be pleasing to the eye to create an excellent first impression. When choosing windows, there are several types that you might consider. Knowing the different types will help you make the right choice when purchasing new windows for your home.

Windows Adelaide by ArborcrestWindows come in two basic types, sash windows and casement windows. Sash windows have a sash that hangs open or closed on a hinge. Most sash windows are framed with vinyl sashes, which are easy to clean and maintain over time. Casement windows consist of a window pane that slides up or down and either opens or closes by itself. This type of window also needs to be maintained over time and replaced every ten years. The styles of windows tend to range from simple to more ornate and elaborate styles.

Slider Windows. Slider Windows Adelaide by Arborcrest can only be opened by sliding one pane out and one pane in, and both of these are typically made out of wood. The sliders are usually made out of fibreglass because they do not show fingerprints as efficiently as metal and are resistant to weathering. Slider windows require a certain amount of space to open; therefore, they are more commonly used in lofts than in typical homes.

Double-hung Windows. Double-hung windows consist of two panes of glass, each tilted differently and held in place by rods inside the window frame. Some double-hung windows feature space between each pane of glass, allowing greater ventilation between the windows. Double-hung windows also offer greater ventilation because the two panes aren’t fully opened, allowing some air to ventilate the home’s exterior.

Picture Windows Frame. Picture windows allow light to shine through the window while still letting the outside view see into the house. These windows have no real functionality other than to add a bit of natural light to the yard. Some styles of this window may open and close. This style is popular in lofts and condos because it provides a way for people to enjoy the outside view without opening the window all the way. Other styles of picture windows frame are more functional, such as the bay and bow top styles.

Bay Windows: The bay windows are similar to picture windows in that they are designed to let in natural light, and they provide some ventilation. However, they have none of the natural light filtration features of the picture windows. These windows must be placed on a deck or patio with at least two panels to provide all the light and ventilation they need. If you don’t have enough room for two panels, you might consider single-paned windows that open sideways. These Windows Adelaide by Arborcrest are popular with apartments and lofts because they offer the same light filtration as the bay style, but they are more affordable and more open-looking.