Should You Hire a Lawyer for a Deceased Estate?

The concept of property inheritance is something you are familiar with, but it does not mean anyone can make one without the help of an expert. For the most part, beneficiaries and the executors will find themselves having a difficult time transferring an estate because the entire probate process is way too complicated for them to handle. It is why hiring a lawyer for Deceased Estates makes perfect sense. The legal professional takes care of the probate process as if it’s merely another typical day at the office.

Read more here to understand why hiring a probate lawyer is the way to go:

1 – The lawyer comes with the knowledge and experience in handling intestate death legal issues.

An intestate death involves a scenario in which a person dies without a will. Australia has specific laws that cover the division of the property left behind. A deceased estate lawyer has the skills to assist you in filing the probate. He or she will likewise tell you the likely outcome of the probate process. The legal expert performs searches intended to determine the assets and liabilities of the deceased person.

2 – You hire a lawyer to mediate and navigate through the differences in opinions between beneficiaries.

It makes sense if you tap the services of a deceased estate lawyer in case beneficiaries have different opinions when it comes to dividing or sharing the property. The lawyer works by evaluating the dead person’s will, thereby laying out what each person must receive. The lawyer is responsible for explaining how trusts work.

3 – The lawyer is a valuable presence in case there is a contested will.

If you are a beneficiary who suspects that the will was made under duress, then you have the right to contest it in an Australian court. A lawyer with expertise in Deceased Estates will investigate your accusation and will eventually give his or her advice to the court.

4 – Deceased estate lawyers handle property taxes and debts, too.

Don’t forget that even if a person dies, his or her property is still subject to state taxes. Having a lawyer by your side makes sense because he or she guides you through paying estate taxes right before you inherit the property. Paying for the deceased person’s debts is likewise one of the duties of the probate lawyer. In case the obligations are more than the deceased person’s assets, the lawyer will advise you on how you should proceed.

5 – Lawyers help you in wealth management.

In case the person has a vast estate, it is your responsibility as the beneficiary to ensure that the business runs smoothly right before you take over. The lawyer is there to handle and come up with a wealth management plan. You hire one to get expert advice on stuff like financial assets like bonds and stocks.