5 Factors That Should be Considered When Building a Verandah for Your Home

Surely you are convinced that building a verandah is just the project you need for 2019 – and for good reasons. Foremost is the value it will add to your home, not to mention the function it will serve your family while you are not quite ready to sell for the ROI.


However, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered before embarking on such a significant addition to your home. Here’s what to look for.


  1. Your needs, budget and schedule


First, the contractor you hire needs to understand what it is that you in terms of function, design and the time frame for the project. The verandahs Adelaide Ideas you have seen while browsing the magazines must be communicated to your contractor. You need to get a definite yes to whether they are feasible, meet your needs and fall within your budget as well.


  1. Quality, cost and time


These are three determinants where potential problems could arise before, during and after the construction of your verandah. For example, reducing costs or rushing could compromise quality, while continually targeting the highest quality on the market could lead to time delays and jacked-up cost for the verandah. Failure to balance all three can lead to a disastrous outcome.


  1. Best Practices and Compliance


Your contractor must comply with building codes, electrical safety regulations, and occupational health and safety. Good health and safety practices are also needed during the construction stages to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Nothing can be worse than having a catastrophic accident occur in your property.


4.Flexibility and Future Needs


Today, the old “traditional” verandah is being phased out in favour of the more “modern”, “flexible” verandah that meets other needs or adapts to the changes happening in your family. Verandahs are not just for whiling away time watching the sunset anymore. They serve as functional home extensions to accommodate a growing family, keep guests entertained or as an outdoor kitchen, complete with smart appliances.


A professional verandah contractor will discuss your current and future needs and allow for expansion and other changes that you as the homeowner foresee. Knowing this means that you can expect to benefit from having a verandah that fits your needs now and in the future.



  1. Sustainability


You want a verandah that saves you money on bills and reduces your carbon footprint. Thus, the verandah company will need to incorporate natural light, energy-efficient lighting and fixtures such as ceiling fans and the like into the verandah.


  1. Future maintenance and minor jobs


Verandah construction is only the first step. A good verandah company will also be aware of what will be required in terms of ongoing maintenance. They will help you create a maintenance plan to keep the verandah in excellent condition.


These are just some considerations to think about when you finally want to turn your verandahs Adelaide ideas into reality. Just remember to work with a reliable verandah contractor.