Top 3 Pro Joinery Adelaide Tips from the Country’s Best Artisans

Joinery and woodworking is a unique skill and trade. It deals with the wooden components of a home or building; things such as doors, window frames, stairs, and even furniture that are made of wood can be classified under joinery. It takes a skilled artisan to master the craft of joinery Adelaide. You can look here to discover the many joiners in South Australia. However, if you’re looking to create joinery yourself, this article is going to show you some pro tips that some of the local experts have shared to aspiring joiners.



Tip #1: Make Your Own Reusable Sanding Block

If you’ve been following the craft of joinery for quite a while, you may already know the importance of having a sanding block. While you can always buy a sanding block in your local hardware store or joinery workshop, you can also make one yourself and save some money on other tools or materials. Click this link to know how to make your reusable sanding block at home.


Tip #2: Important Table Saw Safety

When crosscutting on a table saw, make sure you set the cut length with a block clamped to the fence. Never use the fence directly as this will get the board kicked right at you. To avoid this, clamp a block of wood to the fence before the blade. That way, the end of the board will be free of the fence during and after the cut. By making a block that’s precisely an inch in thickness, you can set the fence scale at an inch longer than the actual length that you’re after. This tip will guarantee your safety and will involve no tricky fractions.


Tip #3: Using a Stair Gauge as a Crosscut Guide

Stair gauges are usually used for laying out stair jacks. You usually clamp them to a carpenter’s square to match the rise and run of a staircase jack before marking the notches. However, if you put them both on the same tongue of a carpenter’s square, the combination will make an excellent crosscut guide for circular saws. You can look here for more information about this trick.


Joinery Adelaide is a fantastic work of art that requires time and dedication to perfect. However, with the help from the pros, you can jumpstart your career and learn things you haven’t known before. You can look here for more guides on joinery, or you can check out some of our joinery work in our gallery section.