What Causes Blocked Drains and How to Solve Them?

Blocked drains can be caused by several factors, including the age of the pipe, build-up of grease or soap inside the pipe, and even tree roots and other debris. It’s a frustrating situation when you realize you can’t use the bathroom until the problem is solved. 

Most people prefer to attempt clearing blocked drains using natural ingredients before moving on to more powerful plumbing solutions for safety and environmental reasons. One tried and true method is to mix one tablespoon of baking soda with three cups of hot water in a small sink. If you wish to get some tips on handling this plumbing problem, check here:

Blocked-Drains-AdelaideUse your hand to massage the mixture vigorously into the blockage. After waiting approximately five minutes, use a plunger to remove any clogging. If you continue to experience problems with drainage, add another dose of baking soda until the problem is resolved. Be sure not to let any baking soda remain on the pipes because it could burn your eyes if you don’t rinse them out immediately.

Many household odours come from kitchen sink waste and grease. Therefore most of us avoid putting food and garbage into our sinks. However, it’s also possible to neutralize those odours to at least some degree by installing a few inexpensive odour removal devices. One such device is a simple air purifier.

Using a vinegar solution is a great way to unclog blocked drains. If you have a large amount of grease inside your pipes, you may want to consider adding a combination of table salt and baking soda to the solution. Mix two cups of each ingredient and pour it into your sink. Let it sit for at least ten minutes before filling up a bucket and filling up your sink with boiling water.

Another one of the home remedies for blocked drains is to apply hot water and vinegar to the pipe. You’ll need a wad of paper towels to protect yourself from gurgling. When the gurgling has stopped, scrub the area with a rag. If the area still does not clear up, you may need to call a professional plumbing company.

Blocked Drains Adelaide is often caused by improper or poorly maintained equipment in your bathroom. For this reason, many people invest in a variety of different toilet and sink drain cleaners. The cleaners available today contain many different active ingredients that are designed to unclog many common problems associated with blocked drains. For example, most toilet drain cleaners contain at least one ingredient that can force the flushing motion of your washing machine and flush out the contents of your toilet.

Other tools you may need to unclog blocked drains include commercial drain cleaners and external drain blockers. Both of these products can be purchased at your local stores. When choosing a drain unblocker for your home, remember that it will not work as quickly as a commercial product, but it will work more effectively. When searching the different products available in your local stores, you may want to visit a home improvement store where you can test several products on the wall to determine which one will work the best.

Blocked Drains Adelaide is not an easy issue to remedy, but they can be fixed easily. You may have already a preventative device such as an outside drain unblocker. These items are generally placed near the main sewer line that leads to your house so that they will prevent debris such as leaves, tree roots, garbage, etc., from entering the pipe. Keeping your pipes clear of debris can make ploughing your garden easier and keep your pipes free of the risk of leaking, which can cause damage to your foundation.