Why Choose a Fujitsu Split System

Recent research showed the two cooling and heating systems from Fujitsu. The first is the split system (favoured by the Fujitsu sales force) and the second is the single-stage system (also selected by the sales force). Both Fujitsu split system use liquid cooling and gas cooling capacities; a big difference from a conventional centralised air conditioner. However, some cooling capacity is common to both units.

fujitsu split systemThe single-stage system has a variable fan and an adjustable compressor to regulate the temperature inside the unit. Your central air conditioning unit will have similar components.

The two units are separated using ductless split heat pump technology, ensuring you get the best performance possible for your property. This system effectively removes humidity and controls the amount of heat required to keep a room cool in winter and warm in summer. Besides, it has the bonus of providing more space inside the house — if you choose a Fujitsu ductless split heat pump cooling system you will have extra living space.

One of the reasons why Fujitsu split system chose to launch this product into the market was to counterbalance the new millennium AC units’ popularity based on the single-stage evaporative cooler. Single-stage units rely on a set temperature to operate — the evaporative cooler only works when air temperatures are low. Over time, the evaporative cooling towers add to the air’s warming effect by drawing in more warm air from the environment. In the past, single-stage air conditioners often had a reputation as “green” — as they also took large amounts of water for their operations.

These days, single-stage air conditioning units are all the rage. They provide good value for money, run very quietly and use little water to operate. However, while they do run very silently, they don’t have the cool factor that the Fujitsu split system has. When you install a Fujitsu system, it will become an addition to your home, adding to its wow element and helping to maintain a comfortable temperature in any climate.

The Fujitsu split system air conditioning unit is built using high-quality materials and designed for long-lasting performance. This split system incorporates several safety features, such as an automatic shut off safety mode and a three-year warranty. One of the unique features of the unit is its “power on/off” timer. This timer allows the homeowner to flip the switch to turn it on and then off when needed, eliminating power surges and brown-outs during daylight hours.

With the use of an air conditioner, you will be able to enjoy an improved indoor environment, along with reliable cooling. It is comforting that you will be able to relax better, knowing that you are breathing more comfortable. No matter what your needs may be, Fujitsu air conditioners will fit your bill perfectly. Remember, you can get the perfect air conditioning system when you look at all of the units they offer today.