How Do You Know If Your Car Needs an Oil Change?

The most critical aspect of car maintenance is changing the oil at regular intervals. Your vehicle owner’s manual will provide the specifics on how often you should have the oil and fluids changed. But then again, some car owners are irresponsible enough to ignore the importance and value of an oil change, which eventually will cause them expensive repairs later. Keep in mind that changing the oil in your vehicle is not a burden because you don’t have to perform the procedure yourself. Instead, you can go to your #1 BMW Service Adelaide to have a qualified automotive mechanic do it for you.

#1 BMW Service AdelaideIf you are interested in learning when you change the oil and fluids in your car because you believe that the manual is something you cannot fully trust, then we’re more than happy to oblige. Below are some signs that tell you it is time for an oil change.

1 – The check engine or oil change light turns on.

Many vehicles, including BMWs, come equipped with several convenience features that inform the driver about the condition of the car. One of those features is an oil change light that will turn on the dashboard when there no longer is enough oil in the system. Meanwhile, a check engine light will turn on if there is an issue with the engine that may have to do with a broken part or lack of lubrication. Either way, you must take the car to your trusted auto shop to have it checked right away.

2 – There’s an awkward engine noise or knocking.

The purpose of oil in your car is to provide a protective layer between the engine part. The idea of lubrication is to prevent the likelihood of metal brushing to another metal. Without enough oil or if the lubricants are of deteriorating quality, the engine starts emitting unpleasant sounds and knocking. You cannot ignore a knocking engine because it most likely ends up in damaging it beyond repair. So, the moment you hear engine noise that’s out of the ordinary, you should take your car to the #1 BMW Service Adelaide.

3 – The oil is dark and dirty.

If you are one of the few car owners out there who embrace the responsibility of checking and monitoring oil and fluids regularly, then it is easy for you to figure out the difference between clean and serviceable oil to that of oil that needs to be flushed out of the vehicle. Clean oil has an amber colour and slightly translucent. On the other hand, oil that needs changing is dark, sticky, and dirty. The only way for you to determine if an oil change is in order is if you find the time to check it at least once a month.