2019 Design Trends for Small Land Areas

Small land areas can hold up beautiful homes no matter how limited the space is. Contractors of new home designs Adelaide specialize in developing plans that will suit your small space best. There are many options available for both interiors and exteriors.

Here are some of the most popular design trends in the residential sector for 2019. Check out which idea will work for your space, but more importantly, for your lifestyle!

  1. Go Up

new home designs AdelaideAs with other buildings in the city that don’t have a lot of space to expand in, the best recommendation for small land spaces is to look up as you build the house. Depending on the number of storeys you prefer, your contractor will ensure that the foundations of your home are strong enough to hold everything up.

  1. Patio Under Veranda

Instead of having your patio on a different side of the house, ask your new home designs Adelaide expert to develop a plan that maximizes the space for both the veranda and the patio. The patio will be constructed under the terrace of your home’s second floor. The best part of this home design is, you can add another veranda on the third floor.

  1. Sliding Windows

Instead of having windows that open outwards, choose sliding windows. The same is true for the doors in your home. The purpose of sliding doors and windows is to reduce the space the opening, and closing movement takes.

  1. Garage Under Veranda

If your land area doesn’t have enough space for a garage, it won’t hurt much to sacrifice your patio. Instead of a patio, ask your designer to develop a plan for a garage under the planned veranda of your house. Patios are an excellent addition to the exteriors of a home, but if you have a car, a garage will be more useful.

  1. Mirrors

For the interiors, you may want to consider large mirrors over accent walls. For instance, if you’re planning to have an accent wall in the living room, install a life-sized mirror instead. Mirrors are known to produce the illusion that a specific space is larger than it actually is.

  1. Minimalist Interior

Another trend that has been thriving over the past decade is minimalism. The home design or theme is recommended for small land areas since you don’t need to purchase too much display and bulky items for aesthetics.

Small houses still deserve expert and artistic touches. No matter how tiny you think the space is, expert designers in Adelaide will develop a blueprint that will suit your lifestyle and taste best.