How to Become A Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy and sports medicine are frequently used interchangeably, particularly when those speaking of those terms refer only to rehabilitation facilities or hospitals. In current opinion, though, these terms are often much more interchangeable. In the early days, there might have been some more differentiation. For instance, while rehabilitation facilities tended only to accept patients who had some sporting injury, physiotherapy tended to be seen as a treatment program for all kinds of injuries. Today, many rehabilitation centres use a combination of physiotherapy and sports medicine.


Many private doctors and clinics use a combination of both physical therapy and physiotherapy in their practices. Many chiropractors and osteopaths also tend to combine massage therapy and physiotherapy in their practice. A physical therapist is a healthcare professional that provides therapy to the musculoskeletal system, including the spine, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The primary purpose of physical therapy is to provide treatment to injured or suffering patients using methods that manipulate the patient’s joints and other tissues to restore health. A skilled physical therapist can perform a wide range of manual therapy techniques, including stretching, strengthening, resistance training, and balance and stability techniques.

When you visit a physical therapy or chiropractic clinic in Best Physio Adelaide, you will first undergo diagnostic testing. You will be examined and asked questions about your medical history, your complaints, and the treatments you have had (if any) to date. Your physical exam is the basis for determining the best course of treatment, and your practitioner will base his or her recommendations on this information. In addition, your doctor will evaluate the results of your tests and discuss them with you. Based on your examination and consultations, your physiotherapist and your physical therapist will develop a treatment plan to help you regain your health and mobility.

Once Best Physio Adelaide treatment begins, you will have a choice to make about how and when you wish to pursue it. Many clinics offer various payment options, so you can choose to enter into a payment plan with the clinic, or you may choose to make regular monthly payments. Some clinics offer to finance for their services or be eligible for free treatment if you qualify for Medicaid, Medicare, or a disability program. Many physiotherapists also offer financial assistance to patients interested in learning how to treat themselves at home and provide such services at the clinic.

As you complete your education and your schooling, you can also pursue employment as a physical therapist, performing duties in the office of a licensed physiotherapist or chiropractor, or you may work at home providing manual therapy at your private clinic. Many physical therapy and chiropractic clinics offer a wide range of services to help patients suffering from common injuries or conditions. You can specialize in any area of physical therapy, as many areas of physical treatment require at least a basic knowledge of how the body works and what its functions are. You may choose to focus on foot, ankle, and lower limb pain, sports injury, sprains, strains, fractures, or soft tissue injuries.

To become a qualified physiotherapist, you must earn a degree from an approved institution and pass the board exam. Many states require that you have a minimum of CPR and first aid training before applying for a license. You can check with your state licensing board to see what requirements are required in your area. If you feel you would enjoy this line of work, contact local physical therapy and chiropractic clinics for more information.