Pest and Building Inspections from

In case you’ve never heard of pest and building inspections, don’t worry. I’ll explain what they are and why you should pay attention to them if you own a rental property. First of all, as a realtor, I strongly encourage my clients to get these inspections done. These inspections will alert you to potential problems before they become a serious issue, and they can also prevent you from making some costly repairs down the road.

What are pest and building inspections? They are similar in many ways to a standard Building Inspection. Instead of asking the property owner to prove their current condition, the inspector asks specific questions about the pest control, heating, insulation, ventilation and the current condition of the pest control. The purpose is to give the property owner an idea of what repairs need to be made and its cost. If you live in San Diego, don’t delay getting your pest and building inspection done. You may just save yourself some time later on!

pest-and-building-inspectionsThe first question that the pest and building Inspections will ask you is what type of pest or building infestation exists. Depending upon the severity of the problem, you can follow this question with inspections of refrigeration systems, plumbing, ventilation ductwork, lighting, cabinets, ceilings, walls and floors. You’ll want to have the PEST and BUILD Inspectors come out at least three times during your property’s life. This will enable you to monitor their progress daily. They can also provide you with copies of their reports after the pest and building inspection. For more information, visit now.

As part of the pest and building Inspections, the inspectors will look at your building plans, and your pest and building inspections report. They will also take a look at the current condition of the plumbing, heating, electrical systems, and any termite damage. They will also check for termite eggs, tunnels created by the termites and other reproductive places. Your property should be made ready for the PEST and BUILD inspection as soon as possible. This is done the day before your sale date. For more information, visit now.

If a pest control professional finds that there are problems with your home’s structural integrity, he/she will need to know where to find the cause before offering any treatment. They will also know which type of treatment would be best for your particular situation. It is very common for termites to enter a structure through an underground tube, so most pest control companies handle this issue. Many also use baits, fumigants and injectors to get rid of pests. These methods will work in conjunction with fumigants to kill adults and destroy eggs.