What Are the Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Replace Your Glass Shower Door?

With the presence of a glass shower door, your bathroom will undeniably look classy and luxurious. One thing you must realise is the fact that it offers more than just aesthetics. However, once it becomes badly deteriorated or damaged, getting glass replacement Adelaide is something you must consider as an option. If you don’t want your shower door to entirely not function, getting glass replacement when damages start to appear is a smart move.

So to help you determine that you already need to replace your shower door, we compiled the most prominent signs below. Through this, you will be able to know when you need to contact your Unley Glass professional.

  1. There are chips or cracks.

Similar to all kinds of glass, the one present in your shower door is susceptible to cracking and chipping as well. Keep in mind that your door may shatter if the damage spreads or become too severe. Although a glass technician can fill some small cracks and chips, most of the time, it will need replacement to prevent creating further unnecessary damage and risk for injury.

You surely need an expert’s advice if you notice long cracks and large chips in your glass shower door. If this happens to yours, contact your glass replacement Adelaide technician immediately. Depending on the damage, your technician might recommend either a small repair or a total replacement.

  1. You notice a discoloured glass.

A glass shower door likely looks clear when you had it installed. It even sparkles and shines in the light or will look crisp if you choose a slightly tinted glass. However, does your shower glass door still possess these features? Does it look cloudy and grungy instead of being shiny and sparkly?

The glass will experience discolouration over time. Usually, moisture from the bathroom contributes to the mildew and mould growth throughout your shower. Once these spores combine with soap scum and mineral deposits, it will discolour the glass. Likewise, the appearance of the glass may receive negative effect on hard water stains and film build-up as well.

  1. There is corrosion or signs of rust on the frame.

Take note that glass is not the only component that you need to worry about always.  The framing, including the door frame, hinges and track are some other things you must pay attention as well. These components are often made from metal that when regularly exposed to water can become rusty. If this happens, the glass door could break from the supports, fall and shatter as the rusty, corroded and weak framing can no longer support its weight.

Thus, look for patches or streaks of red and brown along the door’s track, hinges, and framework to prevent it from happening. Plus, take note of any flaking or missing pieces of the frame. Don’t hesitate to talk to your glass professional immediately and schedule a door and framework replacement if you notice any of those issues.