Why Hire a Criminal Lawyer Adelaide for Your Case?

A criminal lawyer Adelaide is a professional practising in defence of people and businesses charged with a criminal offence. These lawyers defend their clients in court as representatives of the state. Criminal defence attorneys defend clients who have been accused of crimes, including murder, armed robbery, sex crimes, and much more. They are employed to fight cases such as assault, disorderly conduct, drunk driving, theft, fraud, vandalism, hit and run, drug possession, drug trafficking, embezzlement, and homicide. In other words, criminal defence attorneys are there to protect their clients from criminal prosecution.


Criminal Lawyer AdelaideMost criminal cases result in a plea bargain. This is where the prosecution and the defence enter into plea negotiations where the charges are negotiated down from a felony to a misdemeanour. The defence would also attempt to use the public defender or government prosecutor’s influence to get this plea bargain. A conviction at trial would result in a sentence, often years in jail or prison. A guilty plea usually results in an outright dismissal of the charges.


If you are looking to become a criminal lawyer Adelaide, you will have to earn a law degree and pass the bar exam. This requires a lot of hard work and dedication to your chosen profession. Most law schools and universities offer legal practice courses, but very few provide a full-blown standard practice course that prepares for the bar exam. Those who can attain a four-year degree will have a very good chance of becoming a successful criminal lawyer with an average salary of $125K per year.


The first step in becoming a criminal lawyer will be to attend a state-approved law school. Law schools vary in how they teach criminal law. Some teach the classic material that can be studied by most law students. Other schools focus more on becoming an expert in a specific area of criminal law. And there are even schools that provide a certification program that can help future attorneys get their certificate.


Once you have earned a law degree from an accredited law school, you should apply to a state bar association. You will need to supply the bar examiners with proof that you have passed the bar exam. If your state bar does not require a certification program, you should become certified after passing the bar exam. It is possible to find employment as a criminal lawyer Adelaide with no law firm affiliation after becoming a certified attorney. This is called “off the bench” litigation.