Services Offered by a General Dentist

Dental health is critical when it comes to your general health. You cannot be healthy if you have an aching tooth or bad odour. Therefore, to be healthy, you need to not only visit your general doctor for a routine checkup but also visit a dental clinic. This way, you can confidently say that you are healthy. Dealing with dental issues is not only painful but also costly. It is the main reason you need to go for checkups so that the Adelaide dentist can discover dental problems as they develop and offer painless and preventive solutions to avoid painful and costly dental procedures in the future. This article will look at the general dentistry services provided in a dental office.

It is always an excellent idea to see a dentist at least twice every year. It is regardless of whether you have dental problems or not. It is through these visits that the dentist can discover dental issues and advise you on how to deal with them effortlessly and painless. General dentistry deals with basic dental hygiene and oral care. The dentist identifies flaws in the teeth and the mouth in general and recommends what the patient can do. This category of dental care had the following procedures.

Oral health

When it comes to oral health, this does not involve any dental procedure. This where the dentist will look at your teeth, gums and mouth in general and advice you on the best ways to keep healthy. For example, the dentist may advise you on how regular you should brush your teeth depending on the condition of your teeth. He may as well recommend a brand that he/she believes is best for your situation. Also, in case you have bleeding gums, he will also advise you on what foods to eat and some dental products that can solve your problem. In general, it is all about getting advice on how to keep your teeth and gum healthy.


It is also a general dentistry procedure. It entails the removal of problematic teeth. For example, you may have an aching tooth that has decayed beyond the tooth filling method; the best solution is to extract the teeth. The process may also include extraction of the wisdom teeth. Any general dentist can handle a teeth extraction procedure which is almost painless if they follow the right procedure. After the removal, they will then advise you on the necessary procedures to take to get a new tooth or teeth.

Tooth filling

It is yet another service offered under general dentistry. When you have pits in your teeth, an Adelaide dentist may recommend sealing the cavities using sealants depending on how deep and how sensitive the condition is. If you are a good candidate for teeth filling, the dentist will conduct the procedure, and you can enjoy chewing cereals again without any problems. However, when the general dentist cannot handle your dental problem, he/she will always refer you to a dental specialist like for example a cosmetic dentist.