Logo-Imprinted Stockinette Bags: They Are Excellent for Advertising!

Studies show that bags imprinted with a brand’s logo are highly regarded in the advertising and promotions field.


As a butcher, you should not pass up the chance to use stockinette bags imprinted with your colourful and attractive logo. You can be sure to attract more meat buyers’ attention as compared to the plastic packaging typically seen at the grocery store and which are usually plain as can be.  This, coupled with the low cost of investing in logo-imprinted stockinette bags, is what makes mutton bags such a cost-effective way to advertise your meat products.


So what makes imprinted stockinette bags such a great way to advertise your brand?  There are several reasons.  First, these meat bags are reusable. They indeed have stood the time as a form of meat packaging. Nostalgia evoking as it may seem, these bags are once again becoming increasingly popular across the globe.  With the growing focus on eco-friendly practices, reusable mutton bags have become a desired commodity once again.  With many countries, already banning the use of plastic bags and many others are yet to follow suit, reusable and recyclable forms of packaging will always be in high demand.


Therefore, logo-branded stockinette bags are among the many imprinted bags that are quickly claiming their spot at the top of the list of the most frequently used promotional products in the advertising specialties industry.  On average, people use imprinted bags almost six times each month, and they keep printed bags for over half a year. Stamp your logo on a few hundred reusable mutton bags, and you have yourself a high-visibility advertising solution. For one thing, as your customers find ways to reuse them throughout the house that imprinted label will surely keep reminding them it is again time to visit your shop!


Logo-branded stockinette bags have a more significant imprint area compared to other promotional products like pens and mugs.  That is not to say that these other promotional products are not effective – after all, they can be hugely successful when used correctly.  However, one cannot deny that the size of your logo on mutton bags is not one of the biggest things that these bags have going for them.  Your logo and message are screaming loud and clear on these mutton bags.  Even from a distance, you are getting valuable impressions.  It is like having a walking billboard!


One more advantage is that eco-friendly consumers will appreciate your move toward a carbon-footprint-free business. You can undoubtedly gain their patronage by using stockinette bags rather than plastics for your meat packaging.


So there you have it.  Your logo is easily visible on imprinted stockinette bags, and because they are reusable, they can receive several more impressions throughout its lifespan.