Different Types of Residential and Commercial Electricians

An electrician specialises in electric wiring of buildings, electrical transmission lines, motion-detection systems, and similar electrical machinery. Electricians can be employed either to construct new electrical equipment or the repair and maintenance of existing electric infrastructure. An electrician’s work usually depends upon the type of electrical work to be done and the amount of expertise needed to carry out the job. He carries out the task properly so that what is expected to be completed can be properly and safely done.

Electricians perform a variety of services relating to electrical systems. For example, they check and change wiring; inspect electrical components, test for the safety of equipment and wiring, and dismantle or install components like fuse boxes and closed-circuit TV networks. It is not surprising that electricians are also called upon when there is a need to make repairs to electrical equipment such as motors, transformers, panels, or generators. Electricians must also be hired to repair damaged or obsolete wiring system.

Electricians are specialised persons who are skilled to install, repair, and maintain the existing electrical system in homes, office buildings, and other commercial or residential buildings. The kind of work they perform largely depends on the type of wiring being used and the building’s layout. In some cases, electricians are even required to create new blueprints and layouts for businesses. Blueprints are blueprints with wiring diagrams that specify how electrical wires should be intertwined to provide a safe connection.


Electricians learn how to install, repair, and maintain different electrical equipment such as lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and electrical works. They may even be required to install long-distance telephone lines, install CCTV cameras, or work on complex and large-scale projects. Electricians also learn how to use complicated tools like routers, meters, and wiring clips. Electricians learn how to wire buildings properly to prevent accidental electrocution, fire accidents, and other unfortunate incidents that may cause bodily injury or damage to property.

Aside from the vast residential electricians who repair, install, and maintain electrical systems for businesses and homes, some industrial electricians work in factories and warehouses. These electricians install, repair, and maintain the electrical systems in large industrial factories and warehouses. Electrician Adelaide also oversee the installation and maintenance of commercial and residential wiring systems needed to power all the machines in these factories.

Some common electriciansduties include lighting, ventilation, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Electricians who work in HVAC factories oversee the proper installation and maintenance of ventilation ducts, heaters, filters, air cleaners, and other equipment. Industrial electricians install, repair, and maintain electrical systems in manufacturing plants and industrial warehouses. They also inspect and troubleshoot defective and dangerous wiring and equipment. The many duties of these electricians in Electrician Adelaide provide a much-needed service to the industry.