Features of a Good Verandah

Verandahs are very common in the modern home design. When you tour around Adelaide, you will realise that almost every home has a verandah. This outdoor structure makes outdoor living possible and is very practical as it has many uses. Besides outdoor living, you can use the balcony space to entertain guests, receive “not-so-welcome” guests like for example the delivery man, etc. Therefore, this is one of those exterior structures you shouldn’t pass up.


Just like houses, all verandahs Adelaide are not the same. They differ in size, design and material used in the construction. There are a few features you must include on your porch to ensure that you get the best. To start with, ensure that the balcony design complements the existing house design. When designing a terrace, you have to keep in mind the current home design. This way, your porch will blend well with your house. If you don’t consider the existing plan, you will end up with a verandah that looks out of place.


Another feature of a new verandah is the roof. Unlike the traditional piazza roofs, the modern balcony comes with different roofing designs. One of the best roof design is the opening roof design. It is where you install an automated roof that will open and close whenever need be. With such a roof, you can right up and condition your portico naturally. All you have to do is contact opening roof experts and let then offer you design options. With the right experts, you will have a functional opening roof over your piazza, and this will add a luxury touch.



Wall blinds are another great feature of a modern verandah. Although the traditional stoop is open sided, the lanai concept has evolved, and today you can have a verandah that is semi covered. Using wall blinds, you can cover all the three sides of your verandah. These wall blinds can either be automated or manually operated. The electronic one is a fantastic way to add a special touch to your verandah. With these blinds, all you need is press a button, and your lanai gets that traditional look of open sides. In case later it starts raining or it is getting dark, you can then roll down the wall blinds, and your verandah will have a full cover. With such a verandah, you can even make it your home office.


As seen above, many features set modern terraces aside. To have such a structure, you can contact verandahs Adelaide builders and have a custom structure installed in your property. There are many such professionals, and all you have to do is find a qualified and experienced builder.